Who runs the Shark project?

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Who runs the Shark project?

The Enhydra Shark project is mainly driven/sponsored by "Together Teaml飉ungen" in Austria, developed by great guys and girls in "Together Teamsolutions" in Belgrade/Serbia plus a lot of help from the community/other companies (like OpenWide) and has the goal to create a complete WfMC/OMG compliant open source workflow engine framework including a set of standard implementations for all plugin APIs and wrappers (like Corba,...).

Different users/developers from the community are already using the flexibility of Shark to provide adapters for other environments like EJBs.

Webservice wrappers EJB session beans APIs will follow.

We are currently also thinking about a .NET port...

The architecture of Shark corresponds to the goals defined by the "Workflow Working Group" of ObjectWeb (www.objectweb.org).

The final vision is to provide a de-facto standard implementation of WfMC/OMG specifications based on principals of Objectweb for open source middleware (LGPL, standards compliant, commercially usable, flexible component architecture, adoptability to different environments, integration with other ObjectWeb technologies,...).

Shark will be included into commercial products of Together Teaml飉ungen but of course the engine/framework itself will stay LGPL on objectweb.org.

Hope that helps.


Alfred Madl