visualage ExportData导出项目,包

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Workspace workspace = null; try { // connect to the workspace workspace = ToolEnv.connectToWorkspace(); // create a list of packages to export

Package[] packages = new Package[2];

packages[0] = workspace.loadedPackageNamed("effectivevaj.gencode"); packages[1] = workspace.loadedPackageNamed("effectivevaj.vce.factory");

// or create a list of project to export // Project[] allProjects = workspace.getProjects(); // set up the export specification ExportCodeSpec exportData = new ExportCodeSpec(); exportData.includeClass(false); exportData.includeJava(true); exportData.includeResources(true); exportData.overwriteFiles(true); exportData.setPackages(packages);

// exportData.setProjects(allProjects);

//export use sub directory exportData.useSubdirectories(true);

exportData.setExportDirectory("c:\\tmp"); // perform the export workspace.exportData(exportData); } // if we had an export problem, list the errors catch(IvjExportException e) { String[] errors = e.getErrors(); workspace.logMessage("\nErrors during export!\n", true); for(int i=0; i<errors.length; i++) workspace.logMessage(errors[i]+"\n", true); }