Montag 升级到0.7了

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Montag is a Java Web Services based system for interacting with Native XML Databases providing a Java implementation of the XML : DB API.

It's a middleware which permits heterogeneous SOAP-enabled clients, written for different platforms and languages, to operate over Native XML Databases, through the exposition of a configurable set of SOAP Web Services.

Montag version 0.7 comes with a new, clearer and simpler, configuration process.

Simply configure a main XML file, called montag-config.xml, for global web services configuration, and the local-config.xml file for working in local mode, or the remote-config.xml file for working in remote mode.

Take a look at:

If you are interested in XML, Native XML Databases and Web Services, I invite you to participate to the Montag project subscribing its new mailing list at: