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#ifndef XTIB_H #define XTIB_H // Call SetThreadName(), and then paste this expression into the watch window: //    (char*)(DW(@TIB+0x14))   #pragma pack(1)   typedef struct _EXCEPTION_REGISTRATION_RECORD {          struct _EXCEPTION_REGISTRATION_RECORD * pNext;          FARPROC                                                                         pfnHandler; } EXCEPTION_REGISTRATION_RECORD, *PEXCEPTION_REGISTRATION_RECORD;   typedef struct tagXTIB {          PEXCEPTION_REGISTRATION_RECORD pvExcept; // 00h Head of exception record list          PVOID      pvStackUserTop;                        // 04h Top of user stack          PVOID      pvStackUserBase;                       // 08h Base of user stack            union                                                                          // 0Ch (NT/Win95 differences)          {                    struct                                                                // Win95 fields                    {                             WORD      pvTDB;                                // 0Ch TDB                             WORD      pvThunkSS;                        // 0Eh SS selector used for thunking to 16 bits                             DWORD   unknown1;                           // 10h                    } WIN95;                      struct        // WinNT fields                    {                             PVOID SubSystemTib;              // 0Ch                             ULONG FiberData;                      // 10h                    } WINNT;          } TIB_UNION1;            PVOID      pvArbitrary;                                  // 14h Available for application use          struct _tib *ptibSelf;                             // 18h Linear address of TIB structure            union                                                                          // 1Ch (NT/Win95 differences)          {                    struct        // Win95 fields                    {                             WORD      TIBFlags;                    // 1Ch                             WORD      Win16MutexCount;  // 1Eh                             DWORD   DebugContext;          // 20h                             DWORD   pCurrentPriority;       // 24h                             DWORD   pvQueue;                    // 28h Message Queue selector                    } WIN95;                      struct        // WinNT fields                    {                             DWORD unknown1;                           // 1Ch                             DWORD processID;                   // 20h                             DWORD threadID;                     // 24h                             DWORD unknown2;                           // 28h                    } WINNT;          } TIB_UNION2;            PVOID*    pvTLSArray;                               // 2Ch Thread Local Storage array            union                                                                          // 30h (NT/Win95 differences)          {                    struct        // Win95 fields                    {                             PVOID*    pProcess;                    // 30h Pointer to owning process database                    } WIN95;          } TIB_UNION3;              // Internal function to get the TIB          /*----------------------------------------------------------------------          FUNCTION    :   GetTIB            DESCRIPTION :   Returns pointer to TIB for current thread.            PARAMETERS  :   None.            RETURNS     :   NULL  - A really bad thing                     !NULL - Pointer to TIB for current thread          ----------------------------------------------------------------------*/          static tagXTIB * GetTIB()          {                    tagXTIB * pTib;                      __asm                    {                             MOV  EAX , FS:[18h]                             MOV  pTib , EAX                    }                    return pTib;          }            /*----------------------------------------------------------------------          FUNCTION    :   SetThreadName   DESCRIPTION :   SetThreadName provides a way to "name" your threads so that you can                     see at a glance which thread is active when you are in the debugger.                     Calling SetThreadName sets the string pointer parameter into the Thread                     Information Block (TIB) pvArbitrary field (offset 0x14).  Matt Pietrek                     discussed the TIB structure in his May 1996 "Under the Hood" column.                     I included Matt's TIB.h as part of this project if you want to see the                     rest of the fields in the TIB.                     pvArbitrary is an unused spot in the TIB that applications can use                     as they wish.  SetThreadName does the right thing and checks if the                     pvArbitrary is not 0 and will not write the string pointer to avoid                     tromping on any other data written there.                     To view which thread is active in the Watch window, use                     "(char*)(DW(@TIB+0x14))"  As you swap threads, you can now tell at a                     glance which thread you are in!            PARAMETERS  :   szName - A pointer to the string which you would like to name the                     current thread.  You should make the string pointer a                     constant name.            RETURNS     :   TRUE  - The thread name was set.                     FALSE - Something else overwrote the pvArbitrary field.          ----------------------------------------------------------------------*/          static BOOL SetThreadName(LPCTSTR szName)          {                    // Grab the TIB.                    tagXTIB * pTib = GetTIB();                      // If someone has already written to the arbitrary field, I don't                    // want to be overwriting it.                    if (pTib->pvArbitrary != NULL)                             return FALSE;                      // Nothing's there.  Set the name.                    pTib->pvArbitrary = (void*)szName;                      return TRUE;          }            /*----------------------------------------------------------------------          FUNCTION    :   GetThreadName            DESCRIPTION :   Returns the string pointer to the name assigned to the                     current thread.            PARAMETERS  :   None.            RETURNS     :   NULL  - No name was assigned.                     !NULL - The value at the TIB pvArbitrary offset.  Please                     note that the pointer could be invalid of if something                     other than SetThreadName used the pvArbitrary offset.          ----------------------------------------------------------------------*/          static LPCTSTR GetThreadName()          {                    // Grab the TIB.                    tagXTIB * pTib = GetTIB();                      return (LPCTSTR)pTib->pvArbitrary;          }     } XTIB;   #pragma pack()   #endif //XTIB_H