2002-07-23 Borland宣布Kylix3,第一个在Linux操作系统上同时支持C++和Delphi的RAD工具!

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Borland Breaks New Ground with C++ Technology for Linux

Borland Kylix 3 Will Bring Rapid C++ Development to Linux Developers Worldwide

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - July 23, 2002 : Borland Software Corporation (Nasdaq:BORL) today announced Borland® Kylix™ 3, the first Rapid Application Development (RAD) solution for C++ and Borland Delphi™ on the Linux® operating system. For the first time, Linux developers can quickly create GUI, database, Web, and Web Services applications in C++, the preferred programming language for the Linux operating system/platform. Kylix 3 extends RAD for Linux to the more than 2 million developers in the C++ community worldwide, as estimated by IDC, by providing critical technology to drive the adoption of Linux in the enterprise.

"With Kylix 3, Borland has brought industry standard, and enterprise powerful tools to the Linux development community. The addition of C++ support in Kylix means that any class of Linux application, from GUI to database to Web Services, can be created quickly and cost effectively with the most popular Linux programming language," said Jeff Bates, co-founder of Slashdot.org and director OSDN Online.

With Kylix 3, enterprises can affordably build high-performance Linux applications with existing C++ programming skills at high speeds, meeting the demands of today's tight IT budgets.

"By using the cost-effective Linux servers that have become prevalent in back-end systems and leveraging existing C++ source code and programming skills, enterprises can meet today's tight budget constraints while still delivering high-performance applications quickly," said Rikki Kirzner, research director of IDC. "Enterprise applications are becoming increasingly complex and require high-performance development solutions in order to get the job done on time, within budget."

According to IDC, C/C++ continues to be the leading primary language for application development. Kylix 3 offers the first two-way visual design of C++ applications allowing C++ developers to quickly create high-performance GUI client, database, Web, and Web Services applications for the Linux operating system. Until now, Linux developers have been required to use non-visual integrated development environments that are better suited to operating-system and device-driver development.

"While my group has been getting their work done by using traditional tools available for Linux, I believe using Kylix will help us become more productive in the development of our factory automation solutions and provide a greater return on investment," said Paul Peterson of AMI Semiconductor.

"C++ is the development language of choice for most Linux developers, but until now building high-performance applications--especially for GUI clients, databases, and the Web--required extensive development time. With component-based development for Linux in Kylix 3, C++ developers can speed their time-to-market," said Simon Thornhill, vice president and general manager of RAD solutions for Borland. "Not only did we build a powerful visual C++ development environment for Linux developers, but because we're Borland, we went the extra distance to make it cross-platform and interoperable, giving enterprises freedom of choice."

Kylix 3 improves the speed and quality of component-based development and gives developers the flexibility to build applications in C++ or Borland Delphi for the platform of their choice. Developers can combine Kylix 3 with Borland C++Builder™ or Delphi to create single-source, cross-platform Linux/Windows® applications. Likewise, Borland continues to build on its commitment to Web Services with expanded support for Web Services development and compliance with the latest Web Services standards built into Kylix 3.

About Borland® Kylix™ 3
Kylix 3 is a high-performance C++ and Delphi language solution for rapidly creating database, GUI, Web, and Web Services applications for the Linux® platform. Kylix 3 can be combined with Borland C++Builder or Delphi to create single-source, cross-platform Linux/Windows applications. Customizable and extendable pre-built CLX™ (Component Library for Cross-platform development) components speed the development of sophisticated applications and simplify the migration of Windows-based applications onto the Linux platform. BizSnap™ expands the capabilities of Linux and Apache™ with SOAP Web Services technologies that seamlessly interoperate with other platforms, languages, and Web Services. WebSnap™ transforms Apache Web servers into enterprise-class, database-driven Web application servers. DataSnap™ delivers scalable middleware for creating multi-tier enterprise-class database solutions.

Pricing and Availability
Borland Kylix 3 will be available in three editions: Kylix 3 Enterprise, Kylix 3 Professional and Kylix 3 Open Edition. For new users, Kylix 3 Enterprise edition is available for $1,999 and Kylix 3 Professional edition is available for $249. Special pricing is available for existing Borland Kylix, C++Builder, and Delphi users. Kylix 3 Enterprise and Professional editions will be available at http://shop.borland.com/ and through authorized resellers. Kylix 3 Open Edition for open source software (general public license or GPL) developers will be available for free download from http://www.borland.com/products/downloads/. A 60-day free trial download of Kylix 3 Enterprise will also be available at http://www.borland.com/products/downloads/.

About Borland
Borland Software Corporation is a leading provider of technology used to develop, deploy, integrate, and manage software applications. Delivering best-in-class technology solutions dedicated to interoperability, Borland allows enterprises of all sizes to move into Web-based computing while leveraging legacy systems. From the Fortune 1000 to the Borland Developer Network comprised of millions of developers around the world, Borland provides customers the freedom to develop applications, deploy them anywhere, and integrate and manage them across the enterprise. Borland solutions enable organizations to increase productivity and deliver higher performance projects faster and on budget, while lowering total cost of ownership.