P&P Enterprise Library Extensions

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OleDb Data Provider for Enterprise Library 1.0
This is a first attempt at the necessary OleDb classes for Enterprise Library 1.0. It consists of an OleDbDatabase class, an OleDbCommandWrapper class, and numerous test fixtures.

Sybase ASE Data Provider
This Enterprise Library extension uses the Sybase ASE .NET Data Provider to access Sybase databases.

Enterprise Library - Data - Firebird Database Provider Classes
FbCommandWrapper and FbDatabase classes for integrating the Firebird ADO.Net Provider into the Data Access Application Block.

Oracle Enterprise Library Fixes
Fixes issues with Enterprise Library and Oracle (Packages and output cursors).

Enterprise Library : Database Rules Provider
This sample is a simple implementation of a Database Rules Provider for the Enterprise Library. You can use this if you want to use the same boolean expressions generated by the default Authorization Provider in Enterprise Library, except store them in a database table rather than in the configuration Xml file.


Enterprise Library Security DB for Oracle
DDL to create Enterprise Library Security DB in Oracle.


Library Logging, Support for logging to Oracle database
Implemented support for logging to oracle database.

Enterprise Library: Logging Web Service
This demo/sample has a full custom Sink Node for a web service, complete with Node, Sink, Designer, and Data Type classes. Sink can be set up to appear in Config Console.

Enterprise Library Logging : Rolling Flat File Sink
This Logging extension provides rolling over of log files based on criteria such as file size, minutes and days and number of files to keep.

Logging & Instrumention with severity filtering
The new Enterprise Library logging block is good. But sometimes you want to filter log entries with low severity from some modules/classes. This is what this mod will do. All you need to do is specify the category name and the minimum severity that you are willing to pass through the filter. I am uploading new/ changed source files and nunit tests. Just added quickstart.

Enterprise Library: Log Block Demo with email, Database, and extended classes
Another Log Block Demo that also has email sink, Database sink, a custom sink that creates a message box, and extensions of the LogEntry and a custom Database sink that has a Design Manager, Node and Type class so that you can have it appear in the Console.

Getting Started with the Enterprise Library Logging and Instrumentation Application Block in BizTalk
To explain how to set up the Logging and Instrumentation Application Block for BizTalk Server 2004 and BizTalk Server 2004 applications and to examine a simple sample application show its usage in a BizTalk Server 2004 application.


HTTP Downloader for Updater Application Block 2
This is a HTTP downloader for the updater application block 2. It supports synchronous and asynchronous downloads as well as accurate and frequent progress reports. There is more information in the readme file. Update 9th April '05: Added configuration parameters so customization is possible. Update 5th May '05: Fixed type-name typo in readme file (thanks Chris!).

Code Generator

DataTierGenerator - Enterprise Library Edition
Microsoft .NET project that generates SQL Server 2000 scripts for stored procedures and C# classes using the Enterprise Library to access those stored procedures.

Enterprise Library DataTierGenerator Tool Sample
This sample illustrates an application built using the DataTierGenerator for Enterprise Library available at http://workspaces.gotdotnet.com/datatiergenerator. This tool generates a data tier that uses the Enterprise Library data access block to update the database.


Enterprise Library Web Service with SOAP Formatter
This is an updated Web Service, it includes the code for disassembling the LogEntry into 14 arguments to submit to a web method (commented out), but it mainly works using SOAP Formatter. Thanks to ThisBytes5 and Tom Holland for assists.

SoapSerializerTransformer - custom serializer transformer provider for Enterprise Library 1.0
Custom serializer transformer provider for Enterprise Library 1.0. Serializes objects to SOAP envelopes.