Edit Method Example

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'This example uses the Edit method to replace the current data with the 'specified name. The EditName procedure is required for this procedure to run.

Sub EditX()

 Dim dbsNorthwind As Database
 Dim rstEmployees As Recordset
 Dim strOldFirst As String
 Dim strOldLast As String
 Dim strFirstName As String
 Dim strLastName As String

 Set dbsNorthwind = OpenDatabase("Northwind.mdb")
 Set rstEmployees = _
  dbsNorthwind.OpenRecordset("Employees", _

 ' Store original data.
 strOldFirst = rstEmployees!FirstName
 strOldLast = rstEmployees!LastName

 ' Get new data for record.

strFirstName = Trim(InputBox( _
   "Enter first name:"))
 strLastName = Trim(InputBox( _
   "Enter last name:"))

 ' Proceed if the user entered something for both fields.
 If strFirstName <> "" and strLastName <> "" Then
  ' Update record with new data.
  EditName rstEmployees, strFirstName, strLastName

  With rstEmployees
   ' Show old and new data.
   Debug.Print "Old data: " & strOldFirst & _
    " " & strOldLast
   Debug.Print "New data: " & !FirstName & _

" " & !LastName
   ' Restore original data because this is a
   ' demonstration.
   !FirstName = strOldFirst
   !LastName = strOldLast
  End With

  Debug.Print _
   "You must input a string for first and last name!"
 End If


End Sub

Sub EditName(rstTemp As Recordset, _
 strFirst As String, strLast As String)

 ' Make changes to record and set the bookmark to keep

' the same record current.
 With rstTemp
  !FirstName = strFirst
  !LastName = strLast
  .Bookmark = .LastModified
 End With

End Sub