Shortcut Keys of Delphi

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If you never used the shortcut keys of Delphi, you would not be aware that it is a wonderful thing. But as soon as you begin, you will never give it up. My suggestion on it is that using shortcut keys when you begin to program with Delphi. It will give you a lot of help.

The following is some of the Delphi shortcut keys(if you have not changed them yet) which I think is very usually used. You can get more from the Delphi help file. If you think some others are important too, you can tell me by the email.

Shorcut Key Function Supplement ctrl + space Get the name of methods or variants, if after an Object, you will get the list of Object's property and methods. If the input method has used this shortcut key, you should change it to make it can be used in delphi. ctrl + shift + c Complete the class at cursor If you add some methods to a class, what you need to do is just writting the declaration in the interface part of the class and use this shorcut key to get the body part. ctrl + shift + up arrow Go to the declare part of the method whose body part is at cursor.   ctrl + shift + down arrow Go to the body part of the mothod whose declare part is at cursor.   ctrl + o + c Change the select way to vertical After you press this shortcut key, and you can select the code vertically.(Only help you select vertically using key(shift + arrow).) ctrl + o + k Change back to normal state form the above one.   F12 Toggle between the code screen and the form one.   ctrl + F12 View units(You will get a units list after pressing this shortcut key. ) If you install the PowerWord, this shortcut key will be occured by this software, you can change it to make it can be used in Delphi shift + F12 View Forms You will get a forms list after pressing. alt + F12 Use unit You will get a units list from which you can select the unit you want to use(add the unit name to the use part of implemetation). F9 Run If you are debug, it will run to the end of this funcition. ctrl + F9 Compile   ctrl + F2 Program reset Stop the run state. F5 Add(Delete) break point on the line at the cursor   F8 When you debug, step one line code.   F7 When you debug, step into the method on the line.   F4 When you debug, run to the line at the cursor.   ctrl + F5 Inspect the value of the variant at the cursor.   alt + F5 Add to watch at the cursor   ctrl + j Get the template of some useful code structure. For example for,try etc. You can add what you like by the following Tools/Editor Options/Code Insight ctrl + f Open the searching dialog and the word at the curor has been the content of searching(Of course you can change it ).   F3 Find next one.   alt + F11 Open project   ctrl+click When you write code, you can use this way to go to the declaration of the method at the cursor, when you debug, you can get the property or value of the variant at the cursor.   F11 Show the Object Spector or the form window if they are not visible.  

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