jManage 0.5.0发布-又一个开源的JMX管理工具

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jManage 0.5.0发布了,免费下载 download。jManage是一个开源产品,基于web和命令行的JMX客户端,它能够通过集中的控制台管理基于JMX的应用,并支持应用集群和分布式应用环境下的管理。

jManage 0.5.0 has the following features:

Web based interface for use through a firewall Security - application server passwords are encrypted Support for connecting to the following: jboss JSR-160 compatible applications weblogic websphereCluster level view of MBeans. Also allows changing attribute values and performing operations at the cluster level. Authentication and User management Command Line UI ACL based fine-grained access control HTTPS support


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