windows GUI 编程指南1

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From the DOS to windows,the most changing  is the window graphics user interface.But the window which version is lower than XP.MS only provide the common controls which UI is not beautiful.How to create a beautifu GUI is the question we are meeting now.In Xp ,MS provide the uxtheme.dll to make the xp GUI theme which can be customed by the customer.The things is only made the new theme file and dll file.But when you run the app which created by yourself and you want to make your app is different from others in GUI.The common controls is not fit yours.So you must to owner-drawn yourself controls,custom-draw yourself controls inherited from the common controls,or create the new controls by yourself.As this requirments and per my experience in window GUI development.Let me show something to you.Wish these can solve some questions that you are meeting now.Wish you can get valid information.Let's go to chapter one.

1.Windows Gui programming basic knowlege.

1.1 Know the window Device Context

       The DC is like a canvas when you starting to paint.In windows OS ,that provide some kinds of DC.pls refer to windows GDI 的体会1---DC .

1.2 Know the window GDI object