J2EE and XML Development -Ebook download

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J2EE and XML Development

J2EE and XML are important technologies in their own right, but applications that use them together benefit from their synergy. Java and J2EE make a powerful platform for building robust application logic. XML facilitates flexible data storage and manipulation. Developers who properly use XML with J2EE develop the most powerful enterprise systems that can be built today.

J2EE and XML Development is a rich yet concise guide that teaches how, where, and why to use XML in each layer of a J2EE application. The book categorizes and explains many recent Java and XML technologies and the ways in which a J2EE application can best use them. It untangles the web of Java APIs for XML, including the JAX family, as well as other popular emerging standards like JDOM, explaining each in terms of its functionality, and illustrating its intended use through examples.

About the Authors

Kurt Gabrick is a software architect and developer specializing in server-side Java technologies and distributed systems. He has designed and developed numerous systems using J2EE and XML technology for a diverse group of Fortune 1000 clients.

Dave Weiss is an I/T architect specializing in use case driven, object-oriented development with Java and XML. Dave has worked for multiple professional services companies, where he was responsible for software development methodology and training programs, as well as leading distributed systems development projects. Dave has authored numerous pieces of technical documentation and training materials.

Download here:http://www.theserverside.com/books/manning/downloads/J2EEandXML.zip