Using ADO from C++

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Environment:  Visual C++ 6

Microsoft ActiveX Data Object (ADO) provides an easy way to data access and manipulation that is independent of data stores, tools, and languages. This flexibility and easy-to-code facility makes ADO the perfect choice for developers. ADO is implemented with Component Object Model (COM) interfaces. Unlike VB programmers, C++ programmers must know the details of using COM for using ADO. So, using ADO from C++ is still very complex. But, it is possible to get an easy ADO programming model from C++, which can help to hide the details of using COM. In this article, I demonstrate a C++ class to do this that encapsulates the ADO connection object. You can apply same technique for encapsulating other ADO objects.

Adding ADO Support to a C++ Program

One way to add ADO support to your C++ program is to import ADO type library information. The type library for the current ADO is contained within the ADO DLL, msado15.dll. You can import this type library by importing msado15.dll by using the #import directive: